The most significant components of a digital evidential record


June 20, 2017 by elomas1

We are crowdsourcing the components of a digital evidential record. The link to our wiki survey is at

Please can you go to the wiki survey. If you click on the second tab at the survey you will see all the components that others have already added. Going back to tab one you will see that in the open text box you can add any missing components – please do this.

You can then undertake the actual survey ranking exercise voting on the significance of the components– you need not get to the end as it keeps going comparing all the combinations but some votes would be helpful.

I look forward to reporting on your views.

Elizabeth Lomas

6 thoughts on “The most significant components of a digital evidential record

  1. elomas1 says:

    Today some really interesting components have been added to the wiki survey. These include some interesting ideas such as how we ensure the deletion/purging/eradication of a record. This is now a significant legal requirement given the new EU ‘right to be forgotten’. In addition, there was an interesting comment about the evidential requirements of different user groups. I look forward to further additions to this wiki.



    • elomas1 says:

      Today some further interesting ideas have been added such as the concept of ‘belief’ which means that the human trust in the systems is a requirements. Other interesting ideas were around the fact that the Dublin Core is too narrow. Another commentator noted that some of the components are not sufficiently granular. Please feel free to add further more detailed components.

      It was also noted by one commentator that the survey is biased. Each contributor can add their own components and thereby address any perceived bias from the survey. In addition the survey will keep going through the rankings so just stop when you have had enough. A few votes is helpful.

      Thanks for everyone’s input.



      • elomas1 says:

        Currently the top ranked concern around the record components is the intelligence that connects where all the parts are stored. This is an interesting issue when the record does consist of components which may be in various locations.

        In addition we have had the idea of a ‘power source’. Clearly this is critical for the digital domain. At our first workshop new ideas around what the source of power could be were raised and this brought us into the domain of when the digital actually combines with the biological both in terms of power and storage.

        Please do add further components



  2. […] evidence. As we began to organize the elements or components that had arisen through the previous crowd-sourcing activities, certain themes emerged: items we considered part of a set of necessary and sufficient components […]


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