Nick Thomas-Symonds MP – Speech at Westminster event

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December 15, 2017 by juliemcleod2015

Speaking at the network’s dissemination event in Westminster on 30 Nov 2017, Nick Thomas-Symonds MP, and Co-Chair of the All Parliamentary Archives Group, stressed the reliance of members of parliament, amongst others, on records “to inform debate, make better laws and hold the executive to account” (FullSpeech). But he feared we take their availability for granted and therefore highlighted the importance of the RecordDNA event.

He spoke of today’s “unprecedented risk” to the digital evidence base illustrating some of the challenges with reference to the UK Civil Service context and the House of Commons’ emergency debate on President Trump’s twitter outburst ( sent to the wrong Teresa May. He said he was “particularly pleased – not to say relieved! – that a significant number of ‘experts’ in the records profession have foreseen this risk and are doing something about it.” All of this underlined the importance of the RecordDNA network.

Read the full speech here: NickThomas-SymondsSpeech

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‘In the digital era what is the concept of the record and what implications are there for the usability of the future evidence base?’
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