Managing your digital footprint infographic

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July 29, 2018 by elomas1

Every device we use captures some digital evidence so we have developed an infographic to raise awareness of how our digital footprint is created. Aimed at anyone, it considers what and where our digital footprint is and who is using it. It poses a series of questions to enable people to assess how much they know about their digital footprint, and how well they are safeguarding it for the future starting with:

  • What digital  devices do you have? A mobile phone, a smart  phone, a tablet, a    laptop, a fitness tracker, a  kindle?
  • What platforms, systems and services do you  use?   An Internet Service Provider, social media (Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp,    Instagram, Pinterest), office         software, Apps, search engines, online banking, online retail,     cloud services? How much control do you have when using these?
  • What are you creating and storing with these devices and services? Data, information, photos,       videos?

The aim is to prompt decisions about other steps we need to take to manage our digital footprint to meet our needs today, tomorrow and further into the future.

We attach the poster version but this is available as both a poster and a leaflet.


We hope it will appeal to all ages and start a conversation about the challenges of creating and capturing information. If you would like colour hard copies of either the poster and/or leaflet then please email .

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